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Farmers Market



Saturday Only / 10 x 10 Space / $75

Deadline for registration and payment is August 18.


Rules & Regulations



The Festival is not responsible for any injuries that occur to vendors or their employees, loss or damage to any booth or its contents due to weather, fire, accident, theft or any other cause. The Festival reserves the right to ask any vendor to leave or remove booth content that is disruptive to the Festival.


>  Complete, pay, and submit the online application.

>  E-sign the vendor contract. You may preview the contract here.

>  No refunds unless you are not accepted as a Festival vendor.

>  We reserved the right to deny any application.


>  Vendor placement is determined by the Festival with locations marked on the street or parking lot.

>  One vendor per registered space, no exceptions and no sharing spaces. 

>  You will receive an email 1-2 weeks prior to the event with specific locations and set up instructions.

>  Set up time for Arts & Crafts vendors is Saturday from 7-9am. Tear down starts at 1 pm.

>  Vendor vehicles cannot be parked within the barricaded Festival area. You will have 15 minutes to unload during set-up. You can drive in to drop off for set up and tear down only.

>  Vendors must provide all their own needs, including tables. The Festival only provides space.

>  All vendors must comply with all rules & regulations of the Des Moines Fire Department, City, and Polk County Health Department. It is your responsibility to comply and have proof available at your booth


>  Electricity is not available to Arts and Crafts vendors.

>  Water will be available on the west side of Medicap Pharmacy.


>  Vendors are responsible for their own clean-up and trash. Trash barrels will be available for use.

>  If damage or excess clean-up is required at the end of the event, the vendor will be charged.

>  All vehicles must be removed from Festival area by 5pm.


>  QUESTIONS -- Contact us at

Arts & Crafts Rules & Guidelines

Farmers Market Vendor FAQS

I want to sell food/beverage products for consumption outside of the festival grounds - do I need to have a food license?

Please refer to the state of Iowa guidelines:

Can I purchase two spaces to have a bigger spot?

Yes - please reach out to use via email if you'd like to do this. Maximum size is 10x20 ft.

Sales Tax

It is each vendor’s responsibility to know if they are required to collect and remit Iowa Sales Tax. The Beaverdale Fall Festival does not accept responsibility for vendors who fail to meet this obligation. Vendors who are required to remit sales tax must have a valid Sales Tax Permit. For questions, please call the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance at (515) 281-3114.

Can I pick my spot?

We cannot guarentee a specific spot, but you are welcome to put any preferences on your application. Final placement is at the discretion of the Fall Festival. We try to limit direct competitors being located next to each other. 

Who is a farmers market vendor?

Any farmers market vendor applicant that applies and does not fall into one of these categories will be reviewed by the Festival board: 

  • Iowa grown produce or other related food/beverage products for consumption outside of the festival grounds.

  • Art or craft goods such as soaps, jewelry, hats, or lawn ornaments.

If rejected for the farmers market they may be asked instead to apply as a commercial vendor. Any rejected vendors will be refunded in full unless otherwise agreed upon. Any vendors that are unsure if they fit the farmers market criteria may reach out to the Festival vendors board by emailing

What are the insurance requirements?

All vendors must have general liability insurance listing the Beaverdale Fall Festival as additionally insured. From time to time, some of the landlords/parking lot owners may also require a certificate of insurance.  Your certificate of insurance must specify the Beaverdale Fall Festival as the certificate holder and must include at least $1,000,000 of general liability coverage per occurrence. There is an example here.

Why the change from arts and crafts vendors to farmers market vendors?

We wanted to expand our market to include more of our talented neighbors that are not only artists and crafters, but also farmers, bakers, and foragers. We're also being a bit more selective with these vendors to make this a truer farmers market. If you're unsure if you qualify, please read through our vendor guidelines on the application before emailing us to ask.

Health Inspection

All Food and Farmers Market vendors are required to comply with the State of Iowa Public Health regulations governing the preparation, handling, and presentation of food. Prepared food vendors are responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and permits required by the State of Iowa. A permit fee will be imposed and is valid for all state of Iowa Farmers Markets. You must have your food license prior to the event. If you do not have a license in advance, you will be required to shut down your operation, completely fill out the application, and you cannot reopen until inspected and approved by the inspector. Vendors are encouraged to contact the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals at (515) 281-6538 with any questions or concerns regarding product regulations, licensing, and fees. The Fall Festival is not responsible for health permits/inspections, however, festival is required by law to inform the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals of the attendance of all prepared food vendors.

Can I share my space with someone else?

No, one vendor to a space. Anyone found violating this rule will not be asked to leave without refund and banned from future festivals.

What else has changed this year?

The hours for the market are now 9:00am - 1:00pm. There is still time before for set up and time after for tear down and farmers market vendors will still be set up in the Ace parking lot.

What is the deadline to apply?

August 18th, 2023, but spaces typically fill up ahead of that. 

What if I don't have a general liability insurance policy for $1,000,000?

All of our vendors must have the appropriate general liability insurance to participate in the festival. 

If you are a craft vendor and don't already have a general liability insurance policy, for about $50 you can get a general liability policy that meets our requirements. Please follow this link to ACT Insurance to get an insurance policy for the festival.  It takes about 10 minutes to apply for this general liability policy. 

If you are a food/produce vendor and don't already have a general liability insurance policy you can get a short-term general liability policy that meets our requirements. Please follow this link to FLIP Insurance to get an insurance policy for the festival.  

We also recommend you ask your own insurance company for a quote and to discuss your options. 

Are you providing electricity?

No, we no longer provide electricity as an add-on. If you need electricity, you will need to provide your own generator that is rated to run at 70 dB or less. We will ask any generator that is too loud or unsafe to be shut off. (Suggested generator - Honda EU3000is or equivalent).

What if I have a question about the State of Iowa Food Rules?

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