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Special Events

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Special Events

Position Responsibilities

  • Collaborates with fellow co-director 

  • First point of contact for special events and entertainment 

  • Manages and schedules all Festival special events and entertainment 

  • Oversees all special events and free entertainment (e.g., Kid Zone, Talent Show, performances), ensuring that each event provides a safe environment that is properly organized and sufficiently staffed 

  • Oversees all organizations providing entertainment for a fee (e.g., carnival, horse rides), ensuring that they are appropriately under contract and insured 

  • Develops and maintains the Festival schedule for publication

General Expectations

  • Understands the Festival’s mission, policies, programs, and needs 

  • Serves as active advocate and ambassador for the Festival

  • Prepares for and conscientiously participates in Board meetings

  • Available and willing to work the majority of the Festival

  • Comfortable with current technologies (email, MS Office, Dropbox)

  • Cognizant of proper social media etiquette

  • Financially responsible with Festival funds

Time Commitment

  • Board Member

    • 3-year term

    • Monthly Board meetings, January–October, approximately 2 hours each

    • In addition to monthly meetings, 1-2 hours per week on average; 2-5 hours per week Aug-Oct

    • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Morning of the Festival

  • Committee Planning Member​

    • Committee Meetings - as needed throughout the year. ​

    • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Morning of the Festival

  • General Volunteer​

    • Assigned Shifts during the festival.


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